Hanoi – Nha Trang MotoRad Adventure

After several months of investigation into getting a motorbike in Cambodia or Vietnam we had kind of given up the idea as: 

  1. Neither of us had driven one before 
  2. Not licenced or insured 
  3. Most bikes in our price range were ‘Honda Wins’ and they are buckets of absolute shite 

However, after randomly stumbling across Tigit Motorbikes our minds were made up. We needed to do the journey! Tigit offers a guaranteed buyback scheme and actually sell bikes that are not Chinese cloned crap that fall apart from under you. 

Starting in Hanoi and making our way to Nha Trang where we are going to to be based for the next 3 months while we become professional divers with Angel Dive

The map above shows our route and we will update as we go. Pictures to follow ???

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