Moving day – 30.07.16

Wow, finally out of SchloßMüller, was fun while it lasted, but the mountains have been calling us and we have to follow their call. Was a great morning, woke up hung over thanks to too many white Russians and Slovak plumb brandy, thanks to Juraj! Four hours sleep then straight away hauling loads. Jule and Daniel are machines, obviously been at the gym a lot! Managed to get 65% of the belongings down the stairs before anyone else arrived. Lots of amazing help from our friends, makes moving a pleasure rather than a nightmare chore. Never had a flat inspection so thoroughly done, the woman had white gloves and magnifying glass checking out any speks of paint remaining. After an hour of sitting on the stairs feeling incredibly tense while she banged the fuck out of the windows and doors obviously trying to break something we were finally off! Gonna try snooze while on the drive to Stendal before more lugging shit around.

Arrived  in Binfelde and unpacked, phew

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  1. Rosie Reply

    So glad it’s all done and dusted; time to relax and think of all the wonderful adventures u both r going to have! So exciting
    Going to miss u loads x

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